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Creator of Magic Mountain Minerals

ABOUT Magic Mountain Minerals


30 years in the Herkimer Diamond world !!!


I started mining these crystals when I was a kid in school. The location was this very special hill in Little Falls NY. There was an old hippy woman living by herself in an old School bus. She dug crystals and made her own wirewraps too! Her land had Herkimer Diamonds on it and she allowed myself and some others to dig for crystals and to seek peace.

      It was a place for personal growth. A place for connection where my heart and spirit could grow! All while digging these amazing Herkimer Diamond crystals!!  


Now, all these years later, still digging Herks and creating beautiful wire wrapped jewelry!  What started as a hobby that I was deeply passionate about has evolved into my daily life!


Each piece of jewelry is wire wrapped by me using .925 Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-fill wires and these are not mass produced! They require time and creativity and I always try to use the best quality stones that I can! You can also message me here or on any of my social media sites to discuss a custom creation just for you or for someone you know! They make great gifts!

Being able to send these amazing crystals and my jewelry around the world is a blessing to say the least!!


      Unearthing an amazing 450-500 million year old Herkimer Diamond quartz crystal and being the first human to ever connect with it is AMAZING!! 

    I love that I am able to send people Herkimer Diamond crystals that haven't been handled by anyone else! 



      My Hobbies are my life. Mining crystals and making jewelry are my most favorite things to do! I also love rock collecting in general and going to various gem shows and craft fairs when I can.

Making connections with others in the rock and mineral community. Finding new material and meeting inspiring people fills my heart with happiness


      Thank you all for your support and kindness!!


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